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New Year News and Other Stuff I’m Rambling About

31 Dec

It’s hard to believe it’s New Years Eve again – how’s that for a colloquialism? It’s even harder to believe that we all survived the wrath of the Mayan calendar, I kid. I have been enjoying my ten days off from the day job. It has been very relaxing. During this time I have been writing and reading, reading and writing. Simply doing the things that I love to do. It has been GLORIOUS! I can only hope that everyone else has been able to do the same.

Now, down to some news. I have begun the sequel to my first novel, “The Missing Chapters”. It’s been easier than I thought to re-engage myself with characters that I created nearly four years ago. The big change will be the narrative of the story. It will not be in first person this time. The main reason for this is that there are a lot more story lines going on – many more characters insights and perspectives that need to be given. I think my readers will appreciate the change as switching from that many characters in first person would get pretty crazy! I don’t know a release date yet, but it will be 2013. As I mentioned on gr and fb, book two of “Death’s Gift to Sabrina” will be released first – no date on that one yet either, but look for mid-year more than likely.

With all of the reading I have been doing, I have also been doing a lot of reviewing. Some of the reviews, I think I will start sharing on here because some of the books I’m finding really deserve the attention. I’m going to start that now. Yesterday, on a whim, I borrowed a title from the Kindle Lender’s Library entitled, “Sometimes Never”. It is a mature YA novel but you do not have to enjoy YA novels to appreciate this one. It was amazing. Please check out my review below. Happy reading!

Sometimes NeverSometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kudos to you Cheryl McIntyre. This is an amazing story on a very disturbing yet very real problem that is done with sensitivity and taste. I had to take a moment to collect myself before I could even write this review. I’m still at a bit of a loss as to what to say because this book has completely overwhelmed me – and that does not often happen to me anymore.

The complexity of Hope is magnificently crafted. Her vulnerability is consistently masked with her vicious strength, bitterness and sarcasm. You find yourself truly caring about what happens to her and at times, you want to reach inside the pages and shake her to get her to stop hurting herself. This character broke my heart.

Swoop in Mason, an equally damaged soul, who is trying to work out his own issues but realizes that Hope’s problems are much more serious than his own are. He makes it his goal to earn the trust and love of this broken girl knowing that he can help her and that she in turn, can help him. She quickly becomes the only thing that matters to him and the only girl he has ever loved or could ever love.

Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was always off a bit. I love that! I’m fairly certain that there were several times that my heart skipped a beat as the story unfolded. Truly well done. I was also enticed by the love scenes, definitely mature YA and very intense and realistic. There’s also some m/m going on with Hope’s gay best friend Guy, who happens to be completely adorable and enjoys public exhibitions in the movie theater apparently. You still have the same teenage angsts, twist and turns that are commonly found in YA novels however, this story touches on a much deeper and darker part of teenage life that is truly heart wrenching and disturbing. The writing is impeccable and I highly recommend this novel. I would give you more stars if I could. This novel truly touched me.

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28 Dec

Hey gang! I wanted to send out a quick message that this weekend only (Dec. 29, 30), you can get my latest novel for ONLY 99 CENTS (Kindle and Nook versions only). Stop on by to or Barnes and Noble online to pick it up! Don’t miss it!

Book 1

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18 Dec

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16 Dec

Book 1

It’s almost here.

Death’s Gift to Sabrina – My New Series!

14 Dec

Hi All,

It’s almost time! The first installment of my new series is about to be published! “Death’s Gift to Sabrina” is the name of my new, mature YA series. Book one is entitled “She Knows Something You Don’t Know”.

Here’s a teaser!


It was a Thursday when Sabrina and her father left for their new home in Montana. Craig, Sabrina’s father, was a high profile executive who owned a lucrative software company that created video games, among other things. He wanted to have a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city and he wanted his daughter to grow up with the same small-town values that he and his late wife had had. When he asked Sabrina where she thought she might like to live once they left L.A., without hesitation, she had answered Livingston, Montana.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yes. We have to move there,” she answered definitively.
Craig didn’t argue. It was a nice area and he was used to his daughter’s abrupt decisions. He chose to ignore the fact that she made those decisions because she seemed to know certain things before they happened.
As they drove in silence, Sabrina stared out the window thinking of the dreams that had been plaguing her. They were not bad dreams – not all of them, but some were disturbing. Somehow, she knew that she would meet a boy in Livingston, a boy who needed her desperately. She also knew that she would fall in love with this boy but the details of the dream kept changing. There were so many versions that she couldn’t keep track anymore, and that in itself disturbed her because she had never had that happen before. However, the thing that disturbed her most were the versions of the dreams where people died.