Death’s Gift to Sabrina – My New Series!

14 Dec

Hi All,

It’s almost time! The first installment of my new series is about to be published! “Death’s Gift to Sabrina” is the name of my new, mature YA series. Book one is entitled “She Knows Something You Don’t Know”.

Here’s a teaser!


It was a Thursday when Sabrina and her father left for their new home in Montana. Craig, Sabrina’s father, was a high profile executive who owned a lucrative software company that created video games, among other things. He wanted to have a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city and he wanted his daughter to grow up with the same small-town values that he and his late wife had had. When he asked Sabrina where she thought she might like to live once they left L.A., without hesitation, she had answered Livingston, Montana.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yes. We have to move there,” she answered definitively.
Craig didn’t argue. It was a nice area and he was used to his daughter’s abrupt decisions. He chose to ignore the fact that she made those decisions because she seemed to know certain things before they happened.
As they drove in silence, Sabrina stared out the window thinking of the dreams that had been plaguing her. They were not bad dreams – not all of them, but some were disturbing. Somehow, she knew that she would meet a boy in Livingston, a boy who needed her desperately. She also knew that she would fall in love with this boy but the details of the dream kept changing. There were so many versions that she couldn’t keep track anymore, and that in itself disturbed her because she had never had that happen before. However, the thing that disturbed her most were the versions of the dreams where people died.


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