Chasta Schneider was born in Bryan, Ohio in 1973.  She grew up in Stryker, Ohio, a tiny village in the northwest corner of the state.  Chasta began writing stories and poems as a young child and always aspired to be an author.  However, choosing the more conventional route for the area, Chasta began working right out of school at a local corrugated company.  Her life’s journey took her through several career choices from car sales to Property Management until finally landing in the Human Resources field as she earned her MBA from The Defiance College.

Chasta never gave up her passion for writing and continued on even while working long hours in her chosen profession.  After much encouragement, having let other’s read her material, she began slowly publishing her works in anthologies, college magazines and finally, a first novel.

Not faithfull to any one genre, Chasta enjoys creating lives in many different settings, the only common factor being that they are all entertaining as hell!  Look for more to be available from this author soon.

Visit Chasta on Facebook!  http://www.facebook.com/Chasta1211

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