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Catching Up and My Neighbor’s Backyard Voodoo

13 Aug

Helllllllllllloooooo!  It’s been so long!  My life is finally beginning to settle down – a smidge at least.  🙂  So, while I was in the middle of traveling and moving and pulling out my hair, I managed to read a few books.  I thought I would just go ahead and post them on here but first, let me catch you up on my writing.

So, when it comes to erotica, there’s going to be a new kid in town soon, Lynn C.   She’s awesome – trust me.  (wink!)  I’ll keep you posted as to when she releases something.  She has a novella undergoing editing at the moment so, in other words, hot sex and major domination coming at you soon!

As for writing by yours truly, moving and changing facilities for the day job has really set me back.  I’m still working on the sequels for “The Missing Chapters” and “She Knows Something You Don’t Know”.  I don’t have any solid dates yet, but I’ll keep you up to speed.  I may even offer a teaser every now and again.  🙂

On the personal side of things, my new home is adorable!  North Carolina is beautiful but it will not stop raining!  It’s crazy!  I have a new neighbor  – which I’m not used to, and my dog keeps barking at him.  Now, I don’t want to stare, but he seems to be playing with a box in his back yard.  Yes, a box.  I absolutely cannot figure it out.  Maybe he’s aspiring to be a magician.  I’m just not certain.  I would ask him, but since we haven’t met yet, it seems a little odd for me to holler at him across the fence and ask him whats in his little box.  I may not want to know!  All I DO know is that he’s making my dog bark with his backyard voodoo. 

Moving right along.  Let’s talk books!  I gave 4 stars to:

The Festival of the Moon (Girls Wearing Black #2)

by Spencer Baum (Goodreads Author)
Spencer Baum has surpassed the first novel of this series with leaps and bounds by writing “The Festival of the Moon”. The writing style is fantastic and you are brought much more deeply into the story. You also really begin to identify with characters as well as just really hate others. I was completely into to this second installment of the “Girls Wearing Black” series. The plotting and scheming, the lying and manipulating…it was all great fun. I look forward to reading the third installment very much now that I know Baum can deliver like this! While it’s a YA series, it takes on a rather adult feel through much of it – not a bad thing considering the storyline. It’s still safe for the older kiddies but the adults get to enjoy it too. I wouldn’t mind following these characters through their lives as they turn into the same bastards that their fathers are and manipulative witches that are their mothers. Bring it on Spencer, I can’t wait!
Get it here:

I gave 3 stars to:

Tilly Lake’s Road Trip

by Francis Potts (Goodreads Author)

First let me say, the writing is superb and I thought the plot was incredibly original and intriguing. So many areas of the book had me laughing out loud and saying, “What the…?” I also really thought that Tilly was going to turn into a full blown switch hitter – she may yet I suppose. All in all, this was a fun and fresh story that I enjoyed very much. 

Why only three stars, you ask? Allow me to explain.

Where the story grabbed me was with the characters. I love them. They are so fresh and unexpected. The humor was very good and the writing was amazing. Also, the plot was unlike anything I have ever read – the overall plot that is. I love the idea of turning the worst time in your life, into the best time of your life, in such an unexpected way. Tilly’s naivety was also quite endearing for most of the story.

Where the story really lost me was the idea that every single woman that Tilly comes across has secret dreams of taking topless photos, fondling/showering/making out with other women and demanding to have topless photos of themselves on stranger’s phones. It made it seem like it was more of some old man’s fantasy than a novel that’s supposed to be heartfelt and funny. 

I was also quite irritated and bored with the constant repetitiveness. I was at the point where I wanted to skip over the phone calls between Tilly and Anka because it was the same conversation over and over and over and over – literally. It was always Anka asking Tilly if she was going to sleep with Johnny, and that it would make her happy if she did – all in broken English. It was funny the first few times but after that, it became annoying as it seemed to happen at least two or three times a chapter. 

The other major repeat offender was Johnny telling Tilly she was a bad woman and Tilly telling Johnny that he was a bad man and demanding kisses from each other. I mean Jesus – if you want to kiss, just kiss. It was charming at first because they were working through the awkwardness of wanting to do it, but after a while, it seemed like they were saying it every few pages through the entire book. It definitely lost that charm. 

Another point that I found irritating was that I was forced to read the entire play-by-play of a foreign film that they were watching in the story. Was that truly necessary? It went on and on to the point where I finally just started skimming through it until I could get past that part. There was no reason to do it, it had no relevance later. A quick synopsis would have been just fine.

While these things took away some of the enjoyment of the story for me, it’s definitely worth the read. I don’t want deter anyone from reading this book, I truly liked it and am happy that I read it. I just didn’t love it – though I could with some minor editing. The characters are so enjoyable and fun, they make me want to run out and find a Welshman, a Russian and some English women to pal around with – sans lesbian fantasy picture-taking sessions and make-out fests. Potts should truly feel proud of this accomplishment. It was a pleasure. 

Get it here:  

I gave 5 stars to:

A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire #4)

What can I say? I love these books! However, I am at the point where I find myself wanting to skip certain character’s sections because they bore me. I force myself to read them though because before I know it, the storyline takes a turn that sucks me in! 

If you haven’t read the first three books, for God’s sake don’t start here. You will be utterly lost. Go get book one immediately and dive into a world that is magical, brutal, sensual and sometimes downright fricking sick. One thing’s for certain though, it’s always entertaining! 

If you have already read the other three books, what the hell are you waiting for? START READING book four!

Get it here:  

I read more, but that is plenty to get you started!  

I’m currently reading:  

I’ll let you know how well I like it next time.  In true “telling you stuff I like” style, I want to share the most awesome thing with you.  Since I moved into my new house, I really am anti-hole-in-wall where decorating is concerned.  I never used to be like that, but then, this is my first brand new house.  Well, I decided to try out these Command strips to hang my pictures.  HOLY CRAP!  I now have about every product they make!  They are amazing!  If you want to hang stuff with no holes in your wall, this line of products is what you’re looking for!  There are different weight capacities, so make sure you look at that before you hang something or you may not have success.  Check ’em out!

See you next time!  Happy Reading my friends!

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