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No, I Haven’t Finished my Taxes – I Am NOT Procrastinating, I’m Too Busy Reading, Working, and Writing Reviews

23 Mar

OK – maybe I am procrastinating. So, normally I have my taxes done rather early. For some reason this year, I have not touched them. I don’t know why this wave of procrastination has come over me regarding my taxes this year… It’s an inexplicable mystery. BUT – I am determined to finish them this weekend. The fact that I have not touched them yet but have found time to finish a book, start a new one and write several reviews that I had yet to do as well as write a new blog post, will not deter me. Besides, it’s only Saturday…I have a whole day left in the weekend to do them. Maybe it’s NOT procrastination after all – it’s TIME MANAGEMENT! I like that explanation better.

Let’s take a look at some of the things I have been allocating time to! There are a few so let’s get started.

I was contacted by someone regarding a charity where they ask authors for books for a couple of pretty great causes. Here are the details. Fellow authors, I encourage you to check it out!

One program centers around adult recovering patients in local hospitals. After I read a book I lend them to patients in the hospitals and before they go home they give them back to the nurse and the process continues on to other patients.

The second program promotes literacy in regards to lower-income at-risk youth. We help to provide free books to children-teenagers-most of these families can not afford to purchase books for their children.

We are asking authors if they would donate copies of their books to our charitable organization. We can use signed books for fundraising (to help our youth program-100% of any funds raised go into the program as we have very low over head and all of our organizations members volunteer their time and are not paid) OR we can use unsigned copies of books to use for our adult hospital program. Would you consider donating to this worthy cause?

Every donation to our programs are 100% tax-deductible and we can send a receipt for any donation that is made.

If you have any author friends who might be interested in donating please let them know about us. I offer special thanks on our Facebook page for donations as well as a link in which people can see the generosity of the author and possibly purchase their books! I am also willing to read any copies sent to me personally and post a review (if the author requests that I do-some reviews take a little longer than others depending on how many books are donated in which a review is requested-but I promise to write a review if requested with the donation)

Any donated books can be sent to:
Wee Care Community Outreach Inc
C/O Dawn Lowery
2873 Wells Drive
Dalton, Georgia 30721

Thank you for your time

Dawn Lowery
Wee Care Community Outreach Inc
Federal ID Number 20-5077011

So there’s that. I think it’s a very worthwhile cause – both of them!
Moving on. I have some reviews for you!

This movie is fantastic March 23, 2013 5 Stars
By Chasta Schneider
I watched this by chance when it was on a pay channel when I thought it was a different movie. It’s not often that I’m so glad I made a mistake but this is one of those times.

I cannot even tell you how hard this movie made me cry – and I am NOT the crying type people. It is absolutely heart wrenching and tragic and beautiful all at the same time. I don’t need to tell you what it’s about, you can read the description. What I will tell you is that this movie is one of the best I’ve seen. Out of the blue, unexpected, raw emotion. It makes you understand how sometimes letting yourself just feel without analyzing everything is the true gift and the way we should live. If you fall in love in a day – embrace it rather than question and doubt it. JUST LIVE! Don’t miss this emotional rollercoaster ride – and grab the Kleenex!

I hope book 4 is almost finished!, March 23, 2013
By Chasta Schneider “Chasta”

This review is from: Released Souls (Witch Avenue Series #3) By Karice Bolton (Kindle Edition) 4.5 stars
I really enjoy the books I’m reading by Karice Bolton. This series has really sucked me in. Even though book one was not my favorite, I knew I had to continue the series because the story itself was simply intriguing – and I’m so glad that I did.

I’ve got one gripe for you Karice. Either make your books longer or write faster! 🙂

If you enjoy paranormal books that contain witches, warlocks, magic and fairies with a pretty great love story thrown in the mix, do yourself a favor and pick up this series. Bolton gives you quality writing with superb story-telling ability.

In this particular installment, our characters have matured and their relationship is stronger than ever – or is it? There are a few unexpected twists and turns that I truly appreciated. I would talk more about them but I don’t like to put in spoilers. JUST READ IT!

Chasta Schneider rated a book 3 of 5 stars
Pink Lemonade Diary (Pink Lemonade Memories, #1)
byJuliette Hill

When I think of this story, the word that comes to mind is CUTE. It just is. It’s a quick, entertaining read about a young teen who is angry that she has to stay with her great-aunt for a couple of weeks one summer and it ends up being the best time she ever had.

So why only 3 stars? Well, the story seemed really rushed and not a lot of detail about what was going on with the characters. There were all kinds of details about what they were eating though. I found that bits odd since so little details were given to the characters. I would have liked the story to have been about her having to stay the whole summer there. It would have given more meat to the story and would have allowed more time for character development. Not to mention the main character has her first crush and only gets to see him for a week. Bummer!

All in all, very charming characters and plot. If you are looking for something you can finish quickly that makes you smile, this one’s for you.

The Sea of Tranquility
by Katja Millay
Chasta Schneider’s review
3 of 5 stars

I liked this story but I didn’t love it. There really is a lot of “nothing” going on most of the time and I found myself wishing it would hurry up and end. Not because the writing was poor, I was just bored a lot of the time. When the ending finally came, I realized that I was inevitably very glad that I had read this story.

The author uses suspense to keep you going and it simply becomes a quest to keep going so you can find out what the hell happened to the girl that screwed her up so badly. I really didn’t care for how the no talking situation was handled though. The fact that she began to pick and choose who she would speak to turned her situation from damaged to childish in my opinion. Yes, I get why she started talking to certain individuals, it just didn’t play right with me. However, some of this is explained later when she admits that she was actually only feeling sorry for herself rather than mourning her losses – but you don’t get that explanation until the end, so it’s simply annoying up until then. At that point, you can finally let it go because the character is at least admitting she went about things the wrong way and the reader is not expected to condone it.

The writing itself has a nice style and flow. The characters that Millay offers up are both complex and witty, albeit they all seem to come from planet gorgeousandgifted. I appreciate the details that the author incorporates as well. The details help to draw you into the situations and you can really appreciate the emotional gauntlet that the characters are going through – and I do mean gauntlet.

I have to say, I did really love the last few chapters. The disappointment of not having things turn out the way you want – learning to accept and move on. That’s how things really happen and I love that the author doesn’t offer the “magical” ending where all of the characters are instantly “fixed” and everyone gets exactly what they want.

The book is definitely worth reading, but I can’t say I agree with all the hype – but that’s just me and every person sees a book in their own way. However, as I said, the ending is fantastic and I’m glad I read it just for that.

And there you have it. My most recent reviews. Forgive the difference in how they are listed. I pull them from different sites that I review on. I’m currently reading Bad Apple by Barbara Morgenroth. I have just started so I don’t have any ideas on it yet.

Random thought – Is it just me, or does it seem like Gerard Butler has some sort of impediment that makes it hard for him to speak? Oh well, he’s hot as hell when he’s being quiet.

Well, I’m going to wrap this up. I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,

PS – WINTER IS COMING!!! 3/31/13 CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

Stuff I Like and Stuff I Don’t Like

12 Jan

Hello readers! I thought I would pop by and share some stuff with you today. No, you haven’t asked me what I like and what I don’t like, but hey, it’s my blog after all! Besides, I’m very wise and you should listen to me! Ha ha! No, but really, you should listen to me…

Let’s talk about some books first because well, not only do I write them, I happen to love them too! I’ve really gotten into reading other Indie Authors lately but I still adore the classics! Did you know that you can get most of the classics for free on Kindle? Check out the Jane Austen links! I mean really, who doesn’t love Jane Austen? Persuasion
Pride and Prejudice
Love and Friendship
Mansfield Park
Lady Susan
Northanger Abbey
Now, oddly, Sense and Sensibility is 99 cents, but why buy the plain one when you can get this cool Kindle version that is illustrated for the same 99 cents? Sense and Sensibility: Premium Edition (Unabridged, Illustrated, Table of Contents)
If you don’t have a Kindle and you want a nice hardcover for your shelf, check this one out instead! Plus it’s on sale! Sense and Sensibility: Premium Edition (Unabridged, Illustrated, Table of Contents)

I really like to watch Jane Austen’s novels come to life on film too. One that isn’t as popular is “Northanger Abbey”. Now, I happen to really, really like this story. It’s silly and fun and addresses all kinds of lessons to the reader without your even realizing that you’re learning the lesson! There are, of course, several versions of this on film just like all the other stories that have been remade a million times, but I think Masterpiece Theatre did my favorite version. The casting was perfect. While the actors aren’t popular, they really portrayed the characters better than any of the others I have seen. Check it out – this one’s on sale too!

Now that we have talked about some likes, how about some things I don’t care for as much – but you might! Here’s a complicated one. Have you ever read The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien? Well I have. And let me tell you, it is a hard read! Now, I did review it a long time ago and I gave it 4 stars – but not because I enjoyed it. It was simply because I was astounded by it. It literally read like The King James Version of The Bible where everyone begat everyone else… It was tough to get through but it was the explanation of how Middle Earth began and being a huge fan of those stories, I HAD to read it. I have a collector’s edition that is no longer available so I was checking out online to see what’s available for you – it’s not a very popular book so there aren’t a lot of choices unless you want a used one. But here is a link so you can at least check it out. Heck, maybe you will even understand it! It’s definitely a challenge but it really is a work of art. It is amazing what that man produced and the details that he gave. No stone was left unturned! This version’s almost half off right now if you want the hardcover. I like hardcovers because they look nice in my library – yes, I have a library in my house. I converted my largest bedroom into an office/library. It is my sanctuary! 🙂

OK, talking about stuff I really like is more fun. I really like art. Rodin is probably my favorite sculptor. I have this book in hardcover – it’s beautiful. It also has one of my favorite sculptures right on the cover -Danaid (I own a marble replica of this sculpture and it’s gorgeous!). This has up close and personal photographs of his greatest work. You can see The Gates of Hell like never before. It is really a gorgeous book. I’d get the HC if I were you, but here is the Kindle version that’s only 4 bucks. Take a look!

I think I have one of the broadest spectrum’s of interests out of anyone that I have personally known. I love so many different things. I can go from talking about how much I love Rodin to telling you how much I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels – yes, you read me right. They are truly addictive. Even with the inconsistencies throughout the different novels, I JUST DON’T CARE! I adore them! I am impatiently waiting for May, when the latest novel will be sent to me because OF COURSE I PREORDER! If you are itching for the next one too, allow me to hook you up with the preorder page so that you too can get the latest Sookie story the first day that it’s available without having to set foot in the store. I’m ready to cry because this is supposedly the FINAL Sookie Stackhouse novel and quite frankly – that really sucks (no pun intended)! So that is another thing I don’t like – the end of the Sookie Stackhouse stories. 😦

If you have been living under a rock and you have never read them, here’s a link to help you get started. There are 13 books in all including the May release – so you have some catching up to do! Here are the first 8!

OK, I think I will wrap this up for now. Thank you for joining me in my one-sided discussion about stuff I like and stuff I don’t. You’re comments are always welcome here, so if you have something to add, spit it out! 🙂

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